A Gift for You | Our "Passion Week" Devotional Ebook (No Strings)

Follow Jesus day by day through the most pivotal week in human history

Hello GFTW subscribers,

With Easter approaching, I want to give you my ebook devotional resource, Passion Week: Meditations on the Seven Most Pivotal Days in Human History, as a gift.

No strings. No emails to enter. Just a gift—like the gospel. 😀

Download "Passion Week" Now

In Passion Week, we follow Jesus for seven days, Monday through Sunday. Each devotion highlights the primary historical event that took place each day of this eternity transforming week.

We’ll kick off Easter week with a special post this coming Sunday evening which chronicles the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. The post is called “A Different Kind of King.” What we discover is that a donkey-riding, cross-carrying king creates a different kind of people. I think it will be a helpful launch to your own reflections during this special season.

I’ll be posting each mini-chapter of the ebook daily as well. So, you may download the ebook to read on any device or even print it out for your family to read at dinner for a special devotion time — or just open your email and read it from there.

I hope this resource will be a blessing for you as we follow Jesus day by day to the cross… and out of the tomb!

May grace abound to you and yours.

By grace alone,


P.S. If you have any trouble accessing the download, just let me know. 👍🏻

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