I'm Back :)

After a two-week break to complete a new book...

Hello and happy Monday RFTW friends,

After a two-week break to focus on the completion of a new book, I’m back in my normal routine.

The book is entitled I Am Not the Christ: A Guide to Pastoral Ministry in View of the Cross. My plan is to release it in digital format by mid-December so that my doctoral students may have access in time to use it as the text for my upcoming course on Pastoral Self-Care this spring. If you are a pastor who would like a free copy of the digital version (readable on any computer, phone, or tablet and printable, too), just let me know and I’ll email you a copy when it is available.

By the way, if you haven’t downloaded the e-version of my devotional, The Bronze Serpent: Tethering Your Life to the Cross with Scripture Based Prayer, get it at no cost here. If you’d prefer the paperback or want to give it to a friend or family member as a Christmas gift, order it here on Amazon.

Since it has been a couple of weeks, I wanted to check in to let you know that I’m back in the saddle and look forward to sending content that I pray will help you find rest in the midst of a weary world by fixing your eyes on Jesus as your loving Savior, sovereign King, and priceless Treasure. For some help fixing your eyes on the greatness and glory of Jesus, watch this video of a modern-day classic hymn, In Christ Alone.

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