I'm on a Mini-Sabbatical through July 5

My plan for intentional renewal

Hello friends,

As I transition from my former role as Pastor for Creekstone Church to my new role on faculty with Metro Atlanta Seminary, I am taking a mini-sabbatical of sorts until I hit the ground running full-time in my new position on July 5.

While I feel like a horse in the stall at the Kentucky Derby who is bucking, ready to race, I know downtime to rest, renew, and re-calibrate my mind, body, and spirit is going to be an important part of starting well with MAS.

If you are interested, I do have a plan for how I will spend this month.

I will wake without an alarm. Then, shower to wake up. Next, of course, is coffee. Then to my personal basement study where I will spend an hour of quiet, uninterrupted reflection, Lectio Divina Scripture reading, and prayer. The next hour is reserved for other reading on a topic that surfaced during my time of reflection. Then I plan to free write for an hour or so and then head upstairs to connect with my wife, sharing with her the insights gleaned from my morning routine. Next will come a workout followed by a long, leisurely walk. Finally, I’ll regroup with my family for dinner and some time together in the evening, which might include cards, a board game, or watching an episode of whatever documentary or TV/streaming series we’re into. I likely will watch some of the NBA playoffs with my son and some of the college World Series (depending on how far Ole Miss makes it). Or, we may just sit on the porch with candles glowing as we listen to the cicadas.

That is my general, mini-sabbatical template. I’d appreciate your prayers, that the Lord will do deep work in my heart over the course of the next four weeks, and that I’d feel refreshed in every way, spiritually, physically, emotionally, etc.

I’ll be back to posting here on July 5. My expectation is that I’ll be writing more regularly than ever. With my role at the seminary, I hope much of what I teach there will overflow to you here. I do pray it will be a rich blessing of grace in your life that will overflow to all the places you live, work, and play.

Until then, I am yours, by grace alone,